Assembling A Dream Team: How To Create An Invitation Letter For Judges That Inspires Confidence

Letter of Invitation For Judges

Finding a judge for an award, competition, pageant, quiz bee, etc., is quite difficult. Inviting judges is also a challenging task for an organizer to do. One effective way to get a judge is to make a letter of invitation for judges.

Here is an article that will help you to get professional and potential judges through an invitation letter.

Why Is A Letter of Invitation For Judges Important?

If you’re looking for innovative strategies to enhance event participation, you should first consider the kind of judge you should hire. Having a large pool of business leaders to pick from as judges is also great.

Judges are important because they take charge of events and lead them, define winners fairly, encourage and motivate those who lost, and even make events possibly helpful by raising their status.

Ways To Invite Judges

If you want a successful event, a strategy for selecting event judges and developing a model for their financial or other incentives can be done. But first, select how you will invite the most appropriate judge for your event.

There are various approaches to finding and inviting competent judges in today’s event industry:

  • Via e-mail
  • With a printed invitation
  • Through an event judging module

As a result, you may draft an invitation letter/e-mail inviting prospective judges to preside over your awards ceremony. Make sure you will write it professionally.

Basic Structure Of Invitation Letter For A Judge

Understanding the importance of inviting a judge may conclude you to write an invitation letter for them. Here is the basic structure of an invitation letter for a judge:

  • Date
  • Subject
  • Greetings
  • Venue
  • Purpose of the event
  • Reason Why You Chose Them as judge
  • Closing
  • RSVP
  • Your contact information

You may attach the program with your letter and the criteria for that specific competition that they will be attending as a judge.

Sample And Template

Here is a sample and template of an invitation letter that you may edit to create your own letter.


(name of the person to invite)

(his/her position)

(company name)

(company address)

Dear Sir/Madam,

Good day! I am (your name) from (your department) of (company name). I’m writing to invite you to our annual Ms. Fashionista of Eureka Springs event to be an.

It will be held on (date) at (place) at exactly (time). We hope to see you there on that special day.

Please confirm your decision at (your number) at your earliest convenience. I hope for your kindness and consideration. Thank you.

Respectfully yours,

(your name and signature)

Letter of Invitation For Different Scenarios

Key Takeaways

  • Having a judge will make your event get more engagement and audience.
  • Having judges in a competition event will define winners fairly.
  • There are three ways to invite judges: email, printed invitation, and event judging module.
  • An invitation letter for a judge can be sent with the event program and criteria for the competition.