Making Your Event Stand Out: How to Write an Effective Letter of Invitation for a Guest Speaker

Letter of Invitation For Guest Speaker

Reaching out to professionals or celebrities might be intimidating. Writing the ideal guest speaker invitation email or letter may not seem easy.

If you’re wondering how to invite a guest speaker, you will need an invitation letter. Read this article to get more insight on writing a letter of invitation for guest speakers.

Why Is It Important To Write An Invitation Letter To A Guest Speaker?

If you’re hosting an event, inviting a guest speaker may greatly improve the attendee’s quality of time. It will also add credibility to your event. The right speaker may increase attendance and engagement at the event.

That is why writing an invitation letter to your guest speakers is important. This may spark the interest of your first-choice speaker, inspiring them to accept your offer quickly and passionately.

How To Write An Effective Letter of Invitation For A Guest Speaker

Inviting someone you don’t know, or a public figure is a very challenging thing to do. Here is a list of tips you may use in creating an invitation letter:

  • Suitability of the speaker

Before sending or even writing your invitation, make sure you do your research. A Google search will show many examples of incorrect speaker invitations. Go with someone who will effectively support your event to avoid publicity recoveries.

  • Message subject

The subject must be as straightforward and simple as possible. This way, the recipient will know the meeting’s primary objective and the scheduled date even before opening the letter.

  • Introduction

Whether you are inviting someone with whom you have already interacted or have yet to, it is appropriate to start the invitation letter with a few words of welcome and introduction.

  • Use the right title

Addressing a formal invitation letter is as straightforward as it seems. Whether you invite a guest to speak at a graduation ceremony or a large business event, it’s important to know how to address him/her properly.

You may address their titles on professional networks like LinkedIn or their company or faculty website.

  • Explain your event and organization

Explain who you and your organization are to encourage the acceptance of your invitation.

If your event has been held previously, describe prior activities and speakers and explain who will attend.

  • Outline specific details

In your letter structure, your paragraph discusses the specifics of what you want from the possible speaker.

Basic Components of Guest Speaker Invitation

Now that you know how important a letter of invitation for guest speakers is and how to write one. Here are the basic components that a guest speaker invitation must have:

  • Your Name
  • Date(s)
  • venue of the event
  • Purpose of the event
  • The topic, theme, or focus of the event
  • Reasons why they would be an ideal speaker for your event
  • The benefit of the speaker
  • Your contact information

Sample And Template

Now that you get the idea of writing a letter of invitation for guests. Here is a sample and template that you may personalize.


(Name of Organizer)

(Title of Organizer)

(Address of Organizer)

(City, State, Zip Code)


(Name of Guest)

(Title of Guest. If applicable)

(Address of Guest)

(City, State, Zip Code)


I hope this communication finds you in good health! I’m writing to share an interesting speaking opportunity with you today. I am delighted to welcome you to present at (EVENT NAME), a conference devoted to (DESCRIPTION OF THE PURPOSE AND AUDIENCE OF YOUR EVENT.) The whole (EVENT NAME) crew is excited about your work and believes you are the ideal individual to speak to in our community of like-minded professionals.

(EVENT NAME) will occur on (DATE(S)) in (LOCATION, INCLUDING CITY AND STATE). We anticipate an audience of around (ATTENDEE ESTIMATE #). Our purpose is to (GOAL OF THE EVENT.) Given your considerable experience in this area, your contribution to this discourse would be invaluable (AREA OF EXPERTISE.) Your speech might be up to (number of minutes) long and could cover any themes or issues that interest you – our staff would be pleased to collaborate with you ahead of time to hear your ideas and select the specifics of your speech.

Please let us know by (DATE) if you are interested in joining us as a highly anticipated speaker at (EVENT NAME). We appreciate your time and thoughtfulness and eagerly anticipate hearing from you.

All The Best,





Letter of Invitation For Different Scenarios

Key Takeaways

  • It’s important to send an invitation letter to your desired guest speaker because it may boost the quality of your attendance’ stay there significantly. 
  • An invitation letter will give your event more credibility.
  • Inviting a guest speaker may spark your first-choice speaker’s attention, motivating them to embrace your offer promptly and enthusiastically.
  • Before mailing or composing your invitation, do your research. Google shows numerous misleading speaker invites. Choose someone who will support your event to prevent PR recoveries.