Penning the Perfect Invite: A Guide to Writing Memorable Invitation Letters

Letter of Invitation

Every day is filled with one event after another. These events could be a wedding, an anniversary, an annual day, sports, a birthday party, etc. And a critical component that leads to the success of such events is the invitation letters. With that being said, writing this letter can be a challenging task for many.

Here is an article that will give you insights into the types of letters of invitation and tips on writing them.

What Is A Letter Of Invitation?

A letter of invitation is a written letter by a host of an event sent to target guests for a specific event.

The main purpose of the invitation letter is to coordinate the number of guests that will attend the actual event. This letter can be presented handwritten, printed, or as a digital copy and will help you handle the event even better.

Types Of Letter Of Invitation

Knowing what a letter of invitation is is not enough. You should know what type of letter is appropriate for your event. Here are the two types of invitation letters:

  • Formal invitation letters 

There are written by a host for formal events like weddings, business events, graduation ceremonies, exhibitions, and other formal occasions. It follows the general format of an invitation letter and should mention all the important details.

You must keep the tone formal and straight to the point when writing this letter and make sure the purpose is clear.

  • Informal invitation letters

They are written to friends or family. It should include the date and venue of the event. You can also have a relaxed tone and set a positive feeling in your letter. It is mostly used for small events like dinners, parties, or get-togethers.

Letter of Invitation On Different Scenarios

A letter of invitation is commonly known for inviting people to your birthday, anniversary, or any annual occasion. Here is a  list of different scenarios where you can use a letter of invitation:

An anniversary is often celebrated with a romantic dinner, a family gathering, or the exchanging of gifts. The purpose of an anniversary invitation letter is to tell visitors about the event and invite them to attend.

The purpose of a wedding invitation letter is to invite close relatives, friends, and colleagues to a wedding. Include the wedding date, place, and time in the invitation letter.

A birthday invitation letter is a great method to deepen your friendships. It is a letter to appreciate your friends and let them know about your party.

Baby showers are usually held later in pregnancy, four to six weeks before the due date. A letter of invitation is useful for baby showers for the event to be more well-organized.

An invitation letter for a guest speaker may pique your first-choice speaker’s interest, prompting them to accept your offer quickly and passionately.

A visa invitation letter explains your connection to the applicant and the purpose of the visit.

A meeting invitation letter is often a formal letter. A well-crafted invitation letter for the meeting invite will aid in the organization of the meeting.

There are three ways to invite judges: email, printed invitation, and event judging module.

A debut invitation letter is important because it shows the event’s theme and what to expect from your debut.

The Letter of Invitation for a tourist is not mandatory but will help your application for approval.

The host must send out a letter of invitation for the seminar to be more intriguing and successful.

An invitation to a funeral is a letter often written more formally and must be written in the third person.

A letter of invitation calls potential donors to a fundraising event.

How To Write A Letter Of Invitation

A letter of invitation is just like any other normal letter. But to be more specific with its format, here are the basic steps for writing an invitation letter:

  1. Write the subject line.

This is applicable if your letter is in digital form and will be sent through email. The subject line should have the essence of your letter.

For example, if your letter is for a wedding ceremony, your subject line should look like this – “James and Audrey’s Wedding Ceremony.”

  1. Add your letterhead (for a formal letter)

This is a must when you are writing a formal invitation. It is placed at the very top of your letter. 

  1. Put the sender’s address (for a formal letter)

This might not look important, but it is. Professionally speaking, this needs to be mentioned after adding your letterhead. 

  1. Write the Date

After putting the sender’s address, you should add the date of sending out your invitations.

You can use these formats: 12/16/2023 or 16th December 2023, or December 16, 2023.

  1. Put the Recipient’s Address

Write the recipient’s name along with their address. Obviously, this is to ensure they will receive the letter and that it’s them who has been invited to the event.

  1. Include a salutation

Since you’re inviting people, your letter should always begin with a greeting. You may write it like – Dear Madam/Sir. You may write down their first name, then the last name, and add a salutation in front of it.

However, if you’re writing an informal letter, a simple greeting will do, or include their name or nickname if you want.

  1. Main Body of the Letter

The first sentence of this part should have a hospitality tone in it.

You may use phrases like:

  • We’re pleased to invite/welcome you…
  • Our company/organization will be glad to welcome you as a guest…
  • It would be my pleasure if you could come to…

After greeting your guest. You may follow this simple format paragraph:

First paragraph. Mention all the most important details like date, time, and venue. Specify your intent in writing the letter.

Second paragraph. Tell the receiver that you are the host who invited them. Tell the guest the event’s purpose and why they’re invited (this is important for a formal letter).

Third paragraph. This is optional if you provide additional instructions for your event, like filling up registration forms, making a copy of the letter, or bringing a certain object or document.

8. Put closing and signature

Conclude your letter by expressing gratitude to the receiver for reading your letter. If you want confirmation from them, mention the deadline, which mainly applies to a formal letter.

9. Proofread the letter

Before sending, read your letter again and see if there is any jargon, colloquial language, or sentence fragments. Make sure there are no punctuation, grammar, or spelling errors, especially regarding a formal invitation.

Sample And Template

Now that you know how to write an invitation letter, here’s a sample and a template you can use.



Alicia Laude

23 Street, Samson City

July 12, 2023


Charles Andrei

345 Street, Rosa Villa

Dear Mr. Charles,

I will complete my graduation from the College of Education, Major in English, on July 30, 2023. On this day, I will obtain my diploma.

As you are aware, my graduation will be the culmination of all the hard work I have put in over the years. And I want you to know that I owe my success to my ever-helpful and supporting friends and family, including you. I would be delighted if you could join me at my graduation ceremony.

I want to express my gratitude for all of your support and wise counsel throughout the years.

The ceremony will start at 8 am on July 30, 2023. I hope to see you at my college.


Alicia Laude


[Company Letterhead] (if written on behalf of the company)

[Your Name]

[Your Address]


[Recipient’s Name]

[Recipients Address]


[First Paragraph]

[Second Paragraph]

[Third Paragraph]


[Your Name and Signature]

Wrap up

  • A letter of invitation is a written letter by a host of an event sent to its targeted guests.
  • The purpose of the invitation letter is to coordinate the number of guests before the event.
  • Invitation letters could be handwritten, printed copy, or digital copy.
  • There are two types of invitation letters – formal and informal.