From Zero To Hero: How A Well-Written Letter Of Invitation Can Boost Your Fundraising Event

Letter of Invitation For Fundraising Event

Raising money brings people unity. Fundraising can spread across different platforms. One of the challenging parts of fundraising is to get donations from people and sponsors from public figures.

One of the best ways to earn more funds from people is to send them an invitation letter. Let them know the purpose of your fundraising personally. Here is an article for you to learn more about writing an invitation letter for fundraising.

Why Is It Important To Send Invitation For Your Fundraising Event?

A letter of invitation for fundraising is a document that can be used when a non-profit organization would like to invite individuals and entities to attend their events. The document’s goal is to notify prospective contributors about the next fundraising event and invite them to join. Your invitation may be delivered through email and should be brief and simple to read.

Make sure that the tone is professional and that the aim of your message is clear. Remember that a fundraising letter is an excellent opportunity to convey your story, demonstrate to contributors the effect they can make with a contribution, and gather support for your purpose.

Tips For Having An Effective Fundraising Event With An Invitation Letter

When drafting an invitation letter, remember to persuade individuals to come. The letter should be persuasive and encourage action. Here is a list of tips on writing your invitation letter for fundraising:

  1. Convey the invitation’s name, purpose, and receiver.
  2. Describe how the funds raised will be put to good use.
  3. Discuss the benefits they will get by taking part.
  4. Make sure to include a time frame for guests to respond to your invitation.
  5. Follow the standard structure for a business letter
  6. End the letter with a call to action and an appropriate closing.
  7. Put a call to action and a fitting ending at the end of your letter.
  8. Remove any typos and other mistakes by giving it a thorough proofread.

How To Write A Fundraising Letter

Sending out fundraising letters may seem an old-fashioned technique to get donations, but when done right, they can be incredibly successful. Here is a guide on how to write a fundraising letter:

  • Personalize your message to the recipient

If you use the person’s name in your letter, they won’t feel like they are just one of many people reading it. Make sure to use names in your outreach so that everyone who sees it knows you care about their help.

  • Tell a story. 

Storytell the issue or challenge your organization is tackling. Explain how a gift will aid the folks you’re helping.

  • Explain the problem

Explain the huge problems and issues that your organization is facing. Try to do this in the simplest way possible.

  • Describe your purpose and vision and your goal.

Describe how your requirement fits with your mission. Readers should know who will benefit from their gifts. Explain how the donor’s generosity will help.

  • Describe how your donation can make a difference.

Before donating, donors prefer to know their donations’ impact. You’ve identified the situation; now show them how they can help. If you’re fundraising for an animal shelter, you may say $20 will feed 20 animals.

  • Inspire the reader to take action.

Explain the urgency so readers will respond quickly. Mention how previous contributors’ donations have helped and how your current fundraising is doing.

Sample And Template

Nonprofits know how powerful fundraising letters can be. Try this fundraising letter sample or template to promote your charity.

(Recipients Name)

(Address line)

(State, ZIP Code)

(Subject line:)

Dear (insert name),

Our organization just started a new campaign to raise money for (insert an explanation about your cause). As (Name of Organization/Name of Event), whose goal is to (Short explanation of your goal), we’re very excited to get the community involved in our latest fundraising efforts.

Our organization will be able to use these donations to (insert a few specific ways the funds will make an impact.) To learn more about how we plan to make a difference, click on the link to our fundraising page below:

(Insert fundraiser link)

Raising the money we need will take a village. Are you in a position to help this great cause? Your help, even if it’s just $1, will make a difference.

I appreciate you taking the time to learn about our most recent mission.

If you are interested in learning more or contributing to our fundraising efforts, please get in contact with us.


(Your name)

(Your contact info)

Letter of Invitation For Different Scenarios

Key Takeaways

  • Non-profits use fundraising letters to invite people to their events.
  • A letter of invitation calls potential donors to a fundraising event. Email invitations should be short and easy to read.
  • An invitation letter for fundraising allows you to tell your story, show donors the impact of their donation, and get support.
  • Sending out fundraising letters may seem an old-fashioned technique to get donations, but when done right, they can be incredibly successful.