How to Write a Request Letter for Raise or Promotion: 6 Steps to Craft Your Own! 

Request Letter For Raise or Promotion

Promotion is one of the best types of incentives because it gives employees more responsibilities, a higher salary, high morale, and job satisfaction. Practically all employees want to advance in their careers, and promotion is an advancement in the organizational hierarchy.

A request letter is an important tool you can use to get a new job. A well-written and reliable letter may increase your chances of getting a promotion. The letter should emphasize your value to the company as well as your ability to succeed in a higher-level role, positioning you as a viable candidate

This article will instruct you more about what a request letter for a raise or promotion is, how to write one in five steps, and provide you with an example and template to help you craft your own.

What is a Request Letter for Raise or Promotion? 

A promotion request letter is a document that you write to your superior officer requesting consideration for a higher position within the same company. The letter describes how you can add more value in a different, more difficult role. Most companies are willing to hire from within their own ranks and value the initiative you show when requesting a promotion. 

When Should You Send a Promotion Request Letter? 

The first thing to consider before sending a promotion request is whether there is an open position. After all, you can’t apply for a job that’s already filled. It is also generally a good idea to time your letter after having a one-on-one conversation with your manager about the following:

  • Your previous work at the company
  • Your desire to progress in your current position
  • How your promotion could help the company

How to Write a Request Letter for Raise or Promotion? 

If you want a promotion, you should take these steps to make your dream a reality: 

  1. Begin with a formal heading

If you prefer to submit a printed letter to your manager or team leader, begin with a formal heading. This includes your name, current position, contact information, and the date. Following these details, enter your recipient’s name, position, and contact information.

  1. Use a professional salutation

Choose a salutation that is appropriate for your recipient. You may use the reader’s first name if you have a more casual relationship with them or if your workplace culture is quite relaxed. 

  1. Indicate your request

It is essential to begin the body of your letter by asserting its purpose directly and specifically. Once the formalities, such as the greeting, are completed, explain why you are writing this letter to your recipient. 

  1. Describe why you are a good fit in the position

After stating your intention to apply for this new role, explain why this role is better suited to you in a few sentences. Make sure to include the following points:

  • How long have you been with the company?
  • Work experience that qualifies you for a higher-level position
  • Examples of projects and tasks in which you excelled, as well as the business impact of these tasks
  • Your certification courses and qualifications that are applicable to this position
  • Your thoughts on why you will be successful in your new position
  1. Provide a transition plan

When you leave your job for a new one, one of your manager’s primary concerns may be what happens to your daily workload. To allay their fears, offer to find a replacement and train them to take over your daily tasks and responsibilities. 

  1. Express gratitude at the end of letter 

Thank the recipient for considering you in the final paragraph of your letter. Restate your desire to be promoted to this position. End this letter with a formal salutation and your name and signature.

Sample and Template

If you intend to send a printed version of your request, you can use this template:

Request Letter for Raise or Promotion Template 

[Your name]


[City, State, ZIP Code] 


[Recipient’s name]


[Company name]

[Company Address]

[City, State, ZIP Code]


Dear [Recipient’s name],

I am writing to request in writing that you consider me for the open position of [desired job title]. I am confident that I have [adequately explain why you qualify]. I have [briefly describe two accomplishments over the last year].

I understand the responsibility and time commitment that come with a higher position, and I believe that my [mention of your positive attributes] will enable me to meet the challenge. I have also been with [company name] as a [current job title] for a long time and am dedicated to seeing it succeed.

Because this promotion, if granted, will leave my current position open, I [provide your transition plan]. I am available to continue this conversation at your convenience through a meeting.

Thank you for your consideration and time. 



[Your name]

Request Letter for Raise or Promotion Example 

Jennifer Miller 

Main Road 456

Vivekananda Park, Mumbai 12345

January 20, 2021 

Ellen Norja

Head of Digital Marketing

White Creative Inc.

Road Blk 456

Vivekananda Park, Mumbai 12345 

Dear Ms. Norja, 

Thank you for your time in reading my letter. I am writing to formally request that you consider me for the position of creative director on the digital marketing team.

I’ve been at White Creative for four years and believe my success as a senior graphic designer qualifies me for consideration. Here is a list of my qualifications for this position:

  • In July 2020, I mentored junior designers and served as the design lead on the Midwest Designers account.
  • In December 2020, I led a team of copywriters and junior designers on Majesty Airport Group’s (Singapore) airport lounge signage project.

I am grateful to the teams I have worked with, without whom I could not have accomplished this. Thank you for your advice and interest in my advancement at White Creative.

I understand that this new responsibility will require more time and effort, as well as a new set of responsibilities and skills. Nonetheless, I believe I have the qualities required to succeed in this role. For example, I frequently serve as the design lead in teams that include both designers and copywriters.

I am committed to making this transition as smooth as possible, despite the fact that my move will result in the vacancy of my current position. Several of my coworkers are capable of handling my workload. I can train them to take over my current tasks and responsibilities once you and I have decided on a suitable match.

Thank you once more for your time and consideration of my request. If you agree, we can set up a meeting to discuss this. 


Jennifer Miller

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Key Takeaways

  • One of the best types of incentives is promotion, which gives employees more duties, a higher salary, workplace morale, and work performance.
  • A promotion request letter is a document that you send to your superior officer in order to be considered for a higher position within the same company.
  • It is significant to begin the body of your request letter for a raise or promotion by asserting its purpose straight and precisely.
  • In a few sentences, explain why the said role is better suited to you.
  • Write your promotion request letter effectively using a professional tone.