Negotiating Your Worth: A Guide To Writing A Recommendation Letter For A Salary Increase

Letter of Recommendation For Salary Increase

If you feel you’re underpaid and need to write a salary increase for other employees as a manager because they’re doing a great job, you shouldn’t come forward to your boss and talk about it in person. A recommendation letter will help you professionally ask for a salary increment.

Knowing how to ask for an increase in a professional manner will help you to encourage the employee to work hard. Read this article to know more about this approach to increasing your salary.

Why Write A Recommendation Letter For a Salary Increase?

Your boss will want to know why you deserve a raise before he agrees to it. Some of the benefits that a recommendation are:

  • It will show why you deserve it. By listing your various accomplishments and experiences, you can organize your thoughts and create persuasive arguments for why you deserve a pay increase.
  • It can create a relaxed atmosphere between you and your boss. Submitting this type of letter may allow your boss to know you more. It’s better than talking directly and surprising your boss with your salary increase request.
  • It shows professionalism. Providing a formal document will show how professional you are in your job. If you’re awarded a raise, you may share this document trail with HR to ensure the adjustment is reflected in your salary as soon as possible. You may use this letter or email if you’re refused a raise.

When To Write A Recommendation Letter

It’s important to give value to your performance in your job. These are the perfect time for you can consider sending your recommendation letter:

  • After performance review

After annual performance reviews, you may send a letter for an increase, especially when you are doing well in your job. Make sure you still give your reasons why you should get a raise.

  • After a successful project

If your team did a great job in completing a large project. Address the employee’s project efforts and why they deserve a raise. This demonstrates the employee’s importance to management.

  • When you contributed to the financial success

A company’s success lies beyond its employees. Therefore, you have the right to get an increase.

  • When the company is doing well

One sign is when your company says they are looking for new employees. If your company is doing better financially, you may be more likely to get the raise you deserve.

  • When the employee is doing a good job

If an employee is doing a good job and helping the business grow, giving them a raise is a good way to thank them and encourage them to keep up their good work habits. This will make them want to work harder and do a better job.

How To Write This Letter

Here are the basic steps in writing your persuasive recommendation letter for promotion:

  • Address Your Letter

You should write your boss’s name at the beginning of the letter. If your boss has a title, write it on the next line. Write the date in the next space, and then write the topic on the fourth line. Move down one line and write “Dear” followed by your manager’s name and the right title (Mr., Ms., or Dr.).

  • Reasons for recommending

Start your letter by explaining why you’re writing and requesting a raise for an employee. You should include the employee’s name. Next, write out why this employee deserves a raise. The more details you provide to your manager on why this employee deserves a raise, the higher the chance they get a salary increase.

  • Request a fair salary increase

Write how much of a raise you think the employee should get. This number should be based on how much a typical raise is in your industry, how much the company can afford based on its budget, and whether or not the raise comes with a new title. 

  • Thank your boss for their time

Thank your boss for reading and considering your message at the conclusion. You may also let them know you’re accessible to address any questions they have regarding the request or the employee’s performance.

  • Finish the letter by signing it

Sign your name at the end of the letter. Type your name underneath your handwritten one. Below your name, add your work title and department.

Tips On Writing This Letter

Here are some tips and things to think about when it’s time to write a letter of recommendation for a raise for one of your employees:

  1. Get the perfect timing

If you make the suggestion right after finishing a big project, getting a new client with a lot of money, or getting a good review of your work, the chances are higher that it will be accepted.

  1. Ask the Right Raise

Before you write your letter of recommendation for a raise, you should decide how much you want to ask for. You could research your job title and what you’ve done there. You can also research to find out what the average merit increase is at the company.

  1. Justify your request

Explain why you should get a pay raise. You can add if the employee asks for it, is looking for a new job, or wants to reward a good worker.

Sample And Template

Now that you know how to properly write your recommendation letter. Here is a basic sample that you can edit.

(Manager’s Name)

(Manager’s Title)



To: (Your boss)

Subject: (Your name/Employee’s Name) Salary Increase Request

Dear Mr./Ms.,

(Paragraph 1 – Introduction)

(Paragraph 2 – Reason for recommending)

I’ve been trying very hard to find ways to help our company make money. Here are some of the things I’ve done in the past few months:

(list of accomplishments)

  • Project → result
  •  Project → result      

(Paragraph 3 – Thank the reader for taking the time and offering to answer any questions they might have.)

All the best,

(Your Name and Signature)

(Your Job Title)

(Your Department)

Wrap Up

  • A recommendation for a salary increase will show why you deserve to be recognized.
  • This letter can create a relaxed atmosphere between you and your boss.
  • A recommendation letter shows professionalism.
  • Do your research on the average merit increase in your company before writing the letter.
  • Justify your recommendation letter with the accomplishments of the employee.