Leave Of Absence Letter To Employer: With Guide And Tips To Draft Your Own Letter

Leave of Absence Letter to Employer

Do you need to take more time off work than your usual holiday allowance? Whether for personal reasons, illness, or to further your education, requesting extended leave can be a difficult and nerve-wracking situation. 

Whatever your reasons, it’s essential to stop putting off the inevitable and submit your request for leave of absence to your employer as soon as possible. Address your reason for absence professionally to assist your employer in planning for your time away. 

To help you out, we’ve put together this in-depth guide with tips on how to draft your leave of absence letter to your employer. 

What Is A Leave Of Absence Letter To An Employer? 

A leave of absence letter is a formal letter written to your employer in order to request a leave of absence from work. Your personnel file requires a formal letter. It provides a written record of the notice you gave your employer prior to the need for the leave of absence.

Your letter describes the reason for your request. While you can explain your situation in person, a written letter provides a more detailed explanation of your need for time off. This makes it easier for your manager or HR representative to understand your request. 

Requesting A Leave Of Absence 

Before submitting your leave of absence request to your employer, you should do the following:

  1. Learn about your company’s leave of absence policies

Some employers have a leave policy that specifies which situations are covered, as well as particular requirements and an application process. Check your employee handbook for information on leave of absence (LOA) policies, or contact human resources to ensure you’re following all of the necessary procedures.

  1. Estimate the approximate duration of your LOA

Determine when your leave of absence will begin and end, if possible.   Providing an estimate, on the other hand, will assist your supervisor in developing an appropriate plan for covering your work while you are away.

  1. Make an appointment with your direct supervisor

Make an appointment with your boss as soon as you know you’ll need to take an extended leave. They will have more time to prepare for your absence if you give them notice. 

  1. Write down your request

Write a letter to your supervisor with care, being as detailed and transparent as possible. If you are uncomfortable sharing specifics about your situation, you can request leave using more general terms such as “personal reasons” or “medical reasons.”

  1. Consider whether there are any alternatives

If you are able to work, you may be able to work out another arrangement with your employer. You could, for example, accept temporary part-time work, work from home, or telecommute. You can still earn money this way, and your employer may not be required to delegate your work.

  1. Inform your employer of your absence

Work with your employer to figure out how and when to tell the rest of your team about your upcoming leave. If your employer has a specific procedure for this, make sure to follow it when communicating. 

Moreover, while some employers may notify all of your coworkers of your departure, others may only speak with those who directly work with you.

What To Include In This Letter

The most important thing to remember when writing your leave of absence request letter is to be professional and courteous. Thus, this letter must be written in a formal format. A standard leave of absence letter will include the following components:

  1. Date in the format mm/dd/yyyy
  2. Recipient company and address 
  3. Request a leave of absence 
  4. Duration of leave 
  5. Offer assistance while on leave 
  6. Thanks for considering your request 
  7. Closing and signature 

Sample and Template 

The following are the examples and template of leave of absence letter to employer that can help you draft yours. 

Letter #1: Leave of Absence Via Email 

June 30, 2021

Subject: Personal Leave of Absence 

Hi Alexander, 

As we discussed earlier today, I’m writing to confirm my leave of absence from July 1 to July 31. Thank you for giving me this time together with my family.

Please let me know what I can do to help with the transition before I leave, and if there are any steps I should take to formalize my leave.


Sien Lee 

Letter #2: Leave of Absence Letter to Employer 

Jessica Adams 

3456 Main St. 

San Diego, CA 21034


(043) 567 8901

January 09, 2021 

Mark Rodriguez 


ABC Company, Inc. 

1234 Main St. 

San Diego, CA 23091

Dear Mr. Rodriguez, 

I am requesting a leave of absence to attend to important personal matters beginning next month. If possible, I would like to begin my leave on February 15 and return to work on March 3, 2021.

I can be reached by phone or email on an irregular basis to answer questions, and I am willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure a smooth transition before my leave begins.

Thank you for your time.


Elisse More 

Letter #3: Leave of Absence Letter Template 

[Your Name]

[Your Address]

[Your City, State Zip Code]

[Your Email Address]

[Phone Number] 


[Employer’s Name]




[City, State Zip Code] 

Dear [Recipient’s Last Name], 

This letter is an official request for a leave of absence in response to our meeting yesterday. As planned, I’d like to request a leave of absence from [date] to [date].

I will return to work on [date].

Please let me know if you require any additional information or have any questions.

Thank you so much for considering granting me this personal leave.



[Your Name] 

Key Takeaways

  • A leave of absence letter to an employer is a formal letter sent to your manager or supervisor to request a leave of absence.
  • Before writing a letter, consult your employee handbook for information on leave of absence (LOA) policies, or contact human resources to ensure you’re following all of the required procedures.
  • Identify when your leave of absence will begin and end.
  • Keep professionalism in drafting your letter.