How To Write A Letter Of Interest After An Interview

Letter of Interest After An Interview

Sending a Letter of Interest After an Interview can be far more than just a courtesy. It allows the applicant to reaffirm their interest and enthusiasm for the job in question while also keeping them on the hiring manager’s track. 

Moreover, it also reinforces your enthusiasm for the position and allows you to underscore your qualifications for the job. It is not difficult to write a letter of interest after an interview, but there are a few things to keep in mind. In this blog, we will discuss to you the guidelines and the proper format of this letter.  

What is a Letter of Interest After An Interview? 

A Letter of Interest After an Interview is a type of letter in which you demonstrate your worth to the interviewer or hiring manager. This letter is sent with etiquette and professionalism. 

It will allow you to include anything you missed during your interview and clarify why you are the best fit for the position. Besides that, this simply proves your interest in the job vacancy and enables you to monitor the status of your job application.

Importance of Sending a Letter of Interest After an Interview

  • It is often expected of a job seeker to send a letter of interest after an interview. 
  • This can also help your application in a variety of ways because it allows you to reaffirm your interest in the position and highlight the value you would bring to the company with which you are interviewing.
  • It helps you to increase the impression of the hiring manager towards your interest,  showing that you are appreciative and thoughtful. 
  • In conclusion, it helps to remind the hiring manager of who you really are, helping you to stand out as a candidate. If you are not hired for this specific position, but you stand out as a strong candidate to the hiring manager, they may consider you for another position at a later date.

Writing Guidelines

Here are the steps you should take to write an impactful letter of interest after an interview:

  1. Always use proper formatting and structure: The letter should be easily readable with its right font (between 11 and 12 points in size and professional work style).  
  2. Never forget to put a contact information and a date:  You must include the date as well as your contact information, which includes your name, address, phone number, and email address. That way, the hiring manager will know how and where to contact you again. 
  3. Express your appreciation: This is the most important part of every letter of interest after an interview. 
    • Never forget to express your appreciation, whether it’s to thank the interviewer for taking the time to consider you for a position or to inquire about the status of your application.
  4. Express your interest: In the next paragraph, you must show your interest in that specific position or role. Add any details you may have missed during the interview and clarify why you are the best fit for that specific role.
  5. Complimentary close and name: The complimentary closes that work well are “Sincerely”, “Yours truly”. 

You should never forget this closing since it is the ending of your letter of interest after your interview. Write your complimentary close and your name as well. 

What to Include in your Letter

  • Subject Line 

It will allow your recipient to recognize what the message is all about immediately. You should keep it short and straightforward to help them identify the letter easier. 

  • Greeting 

It gives a nice structure and helps the readers to read the letter easier. You should use an effective greeting and it may be a good idea to mention their title and address them using their last name. 

Note: You should always remember when to use the phrase, ‘To Whom It May Concern’

  • Note of Your Appreciation 

Basically, this part of your letter should start with an expression of showing your gratitude. In that way, it will show that you are grateful for the opportunity to interview with the company and learn more about the job position. This could be something like this: ‘ Thank you for taking your time to meet me yesterday, I am honored for the interview and to talk about the position well’. 

  • Experience and Summary of your Education 

The interviewer may already have some background about your qualifications and relevant work experience, but precisely highlighting the most important ones in your letter can show that you are really aware of the things that make you a good candidate for the position.  

  • Closing Statement 

In this part, you should include a sentence encouraging the hiring manager to consider choosing you for the next level of the recruitment process. 

Key Points to Keep in Mind:

  • Be short but clear
  • Always keep it professional 
  • Do not forget to proofread and spell-check before sending. 
  • Show your interest in the job position and gratitude 

When to Send a Letter of Interest After an Interview? 

The Letter of Interest after an interview should be sent within 24 hours, expressing your thanks and inquiring about the next step where you will proceed. Furthermore, if you haven’t received any feedback in over a week. You can send this letter as a gentle reminder that you are waiting for feedback. This should be professional and enthusiastic, but make it accurate. 

Proper Format and Sample of Letter of Interest After an Interview  

Sample of Letter of Interest After an Interview

Mary Dale Anderson

CA 132 Longmont, Colorado 

(143) 582-7512

December 14, 2022 

Mr. Vincent Ramos 

Marketing Director 

Kamouri Photography

7532 Highwood Street 

St. Gallens, SC 342 

Dear Mr. Ramos, 

I am writing to communicate my interest in a position of being a photographer at Kamouri Photography. I graduated in the year of 2019 from Longmont University with 3 years experience and understanding in photography principles and technical college that will be needed in the said position. I believe that I would be an excellent asset for your company. 

My skills are also a perfect fit that meet your requirements. I also received recognition from my client, Mrs. Ludeman regarding the achievements and milestones met in my previous position. My equipment and skill set excel at capturing the tricky lighting balance between exteriors and interiors to provide a seamless image. More so, I am grateful that you take your time for the interview and discussing some details about multimedia. 

I am also passionate about learning new skills and maintaining best practices. I believe that my experience, knowledge, communication, and interpersonal abilities would make me a perfect fit for this position. 

I am looking forward to speaking with you regarding this position and how my qualifications can make a substantial contribution in the company. 

All the best, 

Mary Dale Anderson 

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Key Takeaways

  • In this letter, you must show your gratitude and interest in a specific job position.
  • Always include the summary of your highlights, especially your skills and experiences that will help to catch the attention of the hiring manager.
  • Remember that if you haven’t received any feedback yet, it is a good idea and decision to send a follow-up email and inquire about the next step.
  • Always apply professionalism in making your letter.
  • Check the grammar and spellings once again before sending them out.
  • Keep being straightforward and reference the conversation you had with the interviewer.