Never Left Someone Behind: How To Write An Announcement Letter For New Policy

Announcement Letter for New Policy

Changes to Company Policies are made over time based on the needs of the hour. Some policies are changed, and others are added, to ensure that everything runs smoothly and with discipline.

If your company is implementing a new policy, you must issue a formal announcement letter to all employees. This is important in order to keep them up to date on changes so that they can work in accordance with company policies. 

This article will help you in learning and comprehending more about the announcement letter for a new policy, how to write one, and some examples and templates to assist you in crafting your own.

What Is An Announcement Letter For New Policy? 

An announcement letter for a new policy is a formal letter sent to employees informing them of any new changes or alterations to the company’s policies. This letter is significant because it informs employees about new rules that must be followed in the future.

Announcing a change in company policy can be a big step, but it is often necessary to boost production and profitability. It could mean a change in work routines for your employees, as well as higher prices or fewer supplies for some customers. 

With this in mind, you should consider a well-worded announcement letter to your existing customer base as part of the decision-making process.

Tips To Write This Letter

When sending an announcement letter to employees about changes, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are some pointers on how to write a notification or policy change letter.

  • Be Clear 

When writing a policy change letter, be transparent, clear, and upfront. Disclose any relevant information that you believe employees should be aware of. Explain the reason for the sudden policy change or the introduction of something new in the company. 

  • Use an Appropriate Tone

The tone of your new policy announcement letter should be consistent with what is written. The announcement should be made in a justified tone. If the sample letter of policy change is about instituting strict rules to limit employee misbehavior, the tone should reflect the urgency with which that behavior must be stopped. The consequences of failing to follow the new rules should be mentioned as well.

  • Summarize 

Always summarize everything when drafting an announcement letter for a new policy to employees about the new process. As previously stated, you must disclose all relevant information.

  • Make a duplicate

If you are required to send a new policy announcement letter to your employees, clients, or suppliers, make a copy of the letter to send to your legal department.

  • Keep it formal 

Choose your words carefully. Be courteous and formal. Being polite in a letter reflects professionalism and encourages a positive work environment. Use letterhead and a sample letter of policy change for official communications. Mention the contact information for the person your employees can contact if they need clarification or have questions.

  • Apologize (if needed) 

If the policy change is certain to cause your employees inconvenience, there is no harm in delivering an apology. A sincere apology in the letter can help to improve the situation and preserve your relationship with your employees.

  • Always end on a positive note

Always end the letter on a positive note that answers the potential employee’s questions and shows that you have considered their opinions.

How to Write an Announcement Letter for New Policy 

Announcement letters for new policies follow a specific format. To draft it, follow the steps below:

  • Use a letterhead. The letterhead gives your letter a formal appearance and makes it official. Your complete address and contact information should be included on the letterhead.
  • If you don’t have a letterhead, type your company name and address on the left or right side of the letter. The address should typically be two lines long, with the street address on the first and the state and ZIP code on the second.
  • On the next line, write the date. The date should be aligned with your address.
  • After leaving a line, begin entering the recipient’s name and address. If you want to personalize the policy change letter for a large group of employees, you can use variable data printing. You can use the mail merge feature included with certain word-processing software to send a sample email to employees about the new process. 
  • Leave another line blank and write the subject line. 
  • On the next line, begin with your salutation. Use the word “dear” and a title such as “Mr.” or “Ms.” If the letter is addressed to all employees in general, simply write “dear employee.”
  • Begin with the body of your letter, mentioning what led to or caused the decision. You can back up your claims with company statistics or facts. Discuss a problem in such a way that the employee accepts your solution. If your employees agree that a problem necessitates such a solution, they are more likely to accept the new policy or change.
  • Explain why the policy change must be implemented. If any information needs to be gathered from the employees, ask them in plain language. Include the date that the new change or policy will go into effect.
  • Change the paragraph that ends your letter. Mention words of gratitude at the end of a sample letter to employees about change. Thank your employees for their time and dedication.
  • Provide the contact information for the person in charge, who employees can contact if they have any questions.
  • Type the word “sincerely” and leave three lines of space.
  • Fill in your full name. Fill in the blanks with your designation. Although it is not required, it is preferable to inform the letter recipients about the person who wrote the letter.
  • Sign your name above. Some letters may not necessitate a signature. Official letters, on the other hand, should always be signed.
  • Leave a line mentioning the enclosures.

Announcement Letter for New Policy Template 

Use the template below if you don’t know how to notify employees of policy changes. You can enter your information accordingly. Furthermore, you can make as many changes as you want based on your requirements.

[Company Name]

[Apartment or unit number, street address]

[State, ZIP Code]

[Date on which the letter was drafted] 

[Recipient’s full name]

[Apartment or unit number]

[State, ZIP Code]

Subject: New Policy 

Dear Employee, 

We’d like to inform you of some changes to our company policies. [policy changes]

We would like to announce a new policy that will take effect (mention the date from when the policy shall be effective). The adjustments are as follows: [changes] The new policy states that: [new policy].

[Shortly mention the necessary details]

We hope that all of the changes will be followed by all employees, and that everyone will contribute to the success of the new system. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you for your continuous support.


[Your name]

[Your designation in the company]

Announcement Letter for New Policy Example 

Human Resource Department 

Viva Media 

1234 Hilltop, St. 

Oceanside, NY 02134

Date: January 10, 2023

Mr. Jake Sullivan 

123 Halifax Drive 

Oceanside, NY 10967 

Subject: Implementation of a new policy on inattentiveness to work

Dear Employees, 

It has come to our attention that many employees are abusing the 15-minutes buffer provided for reporting to work. Since the beginning of this company, we have given employees a 15-minutes buffer time, from 10 a.m. to 10.15 a.m. However, almost all employees are arriving at the office after 10.15 a.m. As a result, we are implementing a new employee policy in which one day’s pay will be deducted for every two days of late reporting. This policy is in effect as of today.

We have never had a policy in place for latecomers. However, this introduction has become necessary as our productivity has suffered in recent months. We believe that implementing this new policy will allow us to maintain internal discipline, thereby increasing our client base. It will also allow us to retain more employees and offer attractive incentives.

I am looking forward to gaining the cooperation of all employees in order to make Sunshine Media a better place to work.


Kailey Finch 

Head of Human Resources 

Key Takeaways 

  • It is essential to keep employees informed of changes so that they can work in accordance with company policies.
  • When writing a policy change letter, be straightforward, clear, and upfront. Disclose any pertinent information that you believe employees should be aware of.
  • When writing an announcement letter to employees about a new policy, always summarize everything.
  • When writing your letter, be courteous and formal.
  • Always end the letter on a positive note that answers the potential employee’s questions and proves that you have taken their feedback into account.