Letter of Intent for Teacher Applicant

Letter of Intent For Teacher Applicant

When applying for jobs, you need to submit the proper documentation as requested by the employer. Certain industries and positions have their own unique requirements for applying. One example is a letter of intent, which is commonly used to apply for a teaching position.

At one point or another, a teacher will write a letter of intent, either to return to work, get transferred, or resign. This letter is slightly different from other forms of request as it is usually addressed to the school district. 

In this article, we will discuss what a letter of intent for a teaching job is and how to write one.

A Teacher’s Role in the Academy

A teacher’s role is ultimately to educate students, be they children, young adults, or grown-ups, and inspire creativity and learning through tactical instructional methods. Teachers may teach a wide range of subjects (typical of elementary and high school teachers) or concentrate most of their career in one area of study (colleges, universities, etc.).

The position of a teacher or professor is often a difficult one to navigate, as there are many factors contributing to the learning environment that can have an effect on the students, the teacher, and the surrounding faculty and administration. A teacher must learn how to teach effectively and also how to take control of a classroom and implement disciplinary measures.

Due to the varying rates at which students learn, it’s important that teachers are able to present the curriculum in a way that all students, from the eager to the less-inclined listeners, can grasp the material. 

Teachers often acquire an acute sensibility to distinctive personalities and character traits, which allows them to maintain supervision and sustain concentration. It is a teacher’s duty to be a role model to their students and encourage them to embrace the process of learning, which, aside from understanding the subject matter at hand, is the fundamental goal of education.

What is a Letter of Intent for a Teacher Applicant?

Even in the academic field, teacher applicants are required to submit a letter of intent. A teacher’s letter of intent for a job position is styled in the same way as a cover letter in other non-academic industries. This letter will accompany a resume and provide some insight into the teacher’s character and passion for education. This is an opportunity to highlight key accomplishments and experiences as well as one’s suitability for the teaching position in question. It helps if the teacher researches the school so they can elaborate on why they want to work at this particular school and how they would be a good fit.

Types of Teacher LOIs

A letter of intent should be tailored to one’s own situation and requirements. The following teacher letters of intent are defined for each type of situation that a teacher may come across throughout their career. 

Letter of Intent for:

  • Job Position
  • Promotion
  • Transfer
  • Resignation
  • Returning

Drafting a Teacher’s Letter of Intent

The letter format for a teacher letter of intent will usually vary depending on what you wish to achieve with your message. That said, the basic teacher LOI should include the following details:

  • Recipient and Sender Information. Start your letter with your name, address, and contact information to help the reader identify you. Next, note down the recipient’s details. Depending on where you work, the recipient could be the superintendent’s office, the district office, or the department of education.
  • Salutation. If you are an elementary school teacher, you will likely need to address your letter to the district superintendent or human resources agent. Try to mention them by name if you can find it, or go for the more general salutation of “office of the superintendent.”
  • Statement of Intent The person reading your letter will want to know what it is about before they start reading. Include a precise statement of intent in your first paragraph, such as “I intend to transfer to the North District.”
  • Qualifications and Experience This section does not apply to a letter of intent to return. Your statement of intent will be enough for this letter. If you wish to be transferred or promoted, however, use the second paragraph to outline your teaching experience and qualifications.
  • Call to Action Close your letter of intent with a call to action for the recipient to reach out to you for any further information. If you are requesting a promotion, you can encourage the reader to plan an interview.

Sample Letter of Intent for a Teacher Applicant

Julia Montague

84 Hampton Lane, Kansas City, MO, 64801

(816) 234-8415

May 17th, 20xx

Mr. Albert Brown, Principal

Rockhurst High School

5600 Rockhill Rd, Kansas City, MO, 64817

(816) 822-1485

Dear Mr. Brown,

I am very excited about the opportunity to teach at Rockhurst High School. I have followed the school newsletter for some time now and admire the way the classrooms and curricula are run. It would be a dream job for me and I hope you’ll consider me as the new grade 9 history teacher.

I received my bachelor of education at the University of Missouri with a major in history and a minor in political science. I maintained a 3.1 GPA throughout my post-secondary education and graduated with honors. During my time at Ole Miss I have been engaged in various volunteer and teaching assistant positions in my community. Summers I spent volunteering at the Tony Aguirre Community Center helping with the after-school program held there every afternoon on weekdays. I held a teaching assistant job as well for two years where I was able to flex some of my teaching skills in a classroom of first and second graders. Being an assistant was a great hands-on experience, solidifying my love for educating children and my ability to manage a large classroom setting.

I went abroad for my last year of high school, studying in Madrid, Spain for the first semester and Paris, France for the last. I am fluent in Spanish and quite proficient in French. This gives me a unique advantage in appreciating different cultures and understanding varying rates of learning amongst international students, of which I’m sure Rockhurst has plenty. I welcome the difficult, yet gratifying, challenge of managing the difference of abilities among students. I believe I can maintain the interest of all types of kids with activities tailored to break down complicated concepts to simple examples that all students can grasp.

If the position is offered to me, I know I’ll be a positive addition to the already distinguished staff of Rockhurst High School. I am eager to teach but also eager to learn more about the process of education and the development of young minds. It would be a pleasure to come in for an interview when it is convenient for you. Feel free to contact me if you need anything that isn’t included in my resume. Thank you for your time.



Julia Montague