6. Changing Images



In our templates we use images to illustrate the main theme of the template, for example the web site of a communication company. You may use these images if they fit your needs but in almost every case you want to replace one or more images from our template with your images.

As you know we use symbols in Flash to create animations. So we import an image to library, convert it to a symbol and then create the animation using the symbol that contains that image. One of the advantages of using symbols is that if you replace an image from inside a symbol with another then that new image will appear on every instance of that symbol in the timeline. So you don't have to replace the image in every keyframe.

Let's see how we can replace an image inside a symbol.

Open the file index.fla from template/flash.

Now import a new image to library (File->Import->Import to Library). Choose the .jpg image from the template/tutorial_images folder:

Now from the Library palette select the "mainhead" movie clip.

Double click on the "mainhead" movie clip in the library to edit the symbol. The symbol will be displayed in the main window.

Click on the bitmap and delete it pressing Delete from the keyboard. After that drag the .jpg image previously imported to library to the canvas. Try to place the new bitmap image in the same position as the one deleted (x=0, y=0).

Now go to Scene 1 clicking on its name in the area above the timeline

The new image replaced the old one in every instance of the container symbol:

Now you know how to import new images and replace images inside a symbol.