Have a Background Check to Your New Onboarding Employees: Steps to Write a Background Check Offer Letter 

Background Check Offer Letter

When it comes to hiring candidates for open positions, employers go through a number of steps. Background checks are one of the steps that employers take when conducting an effective hiring process.

Business owners must not only understand the resources available to them in order to hire the best candidates, but they must also know how to use them. Background checks for employment help employers reduce the candidate pool to the most qualified candidates. Continue reading to learn more about background checks, why they are important, what they entail, and how to conduct them. 

What is a Background Check? 

A background check is a method of determining the accuracy of the information provided by a job candidate in their application. It identifies any potential red flags with a candidate before considering them for a job position.

A 2019 study found that 86% of employers conduct background checks on full-time employees and 67% on part-time employees. A criminal record check and a social security number trace were among the checks performed. Almost 60% only performed background checks during the hiring process, while 11-12% did so because it was required by law or for other reasons. Some companies wait until the conditional job offer phase to run the check and depending on the sort and depth of the check, employers face two difficulties during the process: waiting time and costs. 

What is a Background Check Offer Letter? 

A background check offer letter is an essential part of onboarding a new employee. It provides information about an employee’s history as well as insights into their personality. The background check offer letter assists in uncovering essential details that can make or break a hiring offer. It is used to obtain information that may not be available or disclosed during an interview. Here’s everything you need to know about running a background check for your company. 

Benefits of Running a Background Checks

Here are some benefits of running a background check during the hiring process: 

  • Employers conduct background checks to ensure that they hire the best candidates for their company. 
  • It also ensures that the company is protected from employees who engage in fraudulent or reckless behavior in the workplace.
  • Aside from mitigating the impact of a bad hire, state and federal regulatory compliance is a big plus. This depends on the industry and position, but you can use background checks to demonstrate that you did your homework.
  • Proper record-keeping is essential and it is your responsibility to demonstrate that your company is in compliance with regulatory standards in order for it not to lose its credentials or reputation. 
  • Lastly, background checks improve the safety of a workplace. 

What Does a Background Check Consist Of? 

Here are several factors a background check shows: 

  • Social Security Verification

By validating a candidate’s Social Security Number (SSN), you can determine whether they are telling the truth about their true identity and whether they have the legal right to work in the country. Social security records can be obtained from the Department of Homeland Security or the Social Security Administration. 

  • Criminal Record 

You may need to look into evidence of a criminal record to ensure that the candidates haven’t previously engaged in fraudulent activities or have warrants out for their arrest.

  • Drug Testing 

To avoid a lack of productivity in the workplace and increased employee turnover rates, drug testing may be a required component of a background check. 

  • Credit Check 

A credit check enables you to confirm minor details about a candidate, such as their name, address, and contact information. Credit checks may also assist you in determining how financially responsible they are. This is especially important if they are applying for a job in finance or a role that requires money handling. 

  • Employment History 

Background checks also confirm a person’s employment history. A search on the internet can confirm or deny the legitimacy of a company and a candidate’s qualifications. 

  • Motor Vehicle Record 

If a candidate is required to drive a vehicle as part of their job, motor vehicle records may be reviewed to look for bad driving habits, speeding tickets, or DUIs. 

How to Conduct a Background Check? 

Some businesses decide to delegate employment background checks to a professional service, but you can do it yourself. Here’s a step-by-step guide to conducting a background check on a job applicant.

  1. Inform the candidate that a background check will be performed

To ensure that you are in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), send an email to each applicant outlining the areas you will be verifying. Additionally, provide a document with an attachment for them to electronically sign, confirming their consent to proceed with the background check.

  1. Examine state laws regarding background check regulations

Before you start carrying out a background check, make sure to check your state’s particular regulations and laws regarding what information employers can check and what details constitute a candidate’s dismissal in your state. This information is usually available on your state’s department of public safety’s website.

  1. Make contact with the candidate’s references

Request two to three references from candidates to confirm their qualifications for the job. Set up a phone call with each reference to discuss the candidate. Make a list of questions to ask in order to verify or refute their skill sets and work ethic. You could even meet their references in person or via video chat to confirm their identity. 

  1. Use a background check website to review records

You can hire a professional background-checking service to find confirmation of criminal backgrounds and other civil records, but you can also conduct your own research by using an online background check website. To access public records, you may be required to pay a fee. 

  1. Request that the candidate take a drug test

If the job you’re offering requires employees to drive a company car, care for children, or work in a potentially hazardous environment, a drug test may be required to ensure the safety of your other clients and staff. Send candidates to a doctor’s office for a drug test, or have a certified professional collect a sample during appointments.

  1. Examine the results to determine the legitimacy of a candidate

Once you have access to the background check documents, review them to see if your candidate is qualified to work for your company. If you don’t feel at ease after reviewing the information, move on to other candidates who may better represent your company.  

Ways to Draft a Background Check Offer Letter

Here are some steps in writing a background check offer letter: 

  • Begin your background check offer letter with the date and recipient’s name. Include its address so that employers know where to send their offer letter.
  • Use a proper salutation as it demonstrates professionalism and respect. 
  • Indicate the offer letter’s purpose. You can inform them that the letter is for a background check. 
  • Continue with the body of the letter and provide an estimated completion date for the process.
  • Leave on a positive note so that applicants remain interested while waiting for the process. 
  • Make sure to include your contact information so that they can contact you right away if they have any questions or queries. 
  • If you are an employer and the one in charge of writing the background offer letter, include your name, designation, and the name of the company. 
  • Do not forget to proofread your letter before sending them out to make sure that there’s no grammatical errors and misspelled words. 

Sample and Template 

To help you understand more, we provide a sample and template just for you! 

Sample 1: Background Check Offer Letter Template

Here’s a downloadable background check offer letter template that you can use when writing. 


[Name of the Recipient]

[Address of the Recipient]

Dear [Candidate’s Name], 

We hope you are doing well in this frightening pandemic situation. We are sending you this letter to offer you a background check.

The reason for the delay is that we have to conduct our background check process. We anticipate that this process will take several days longer. Our target completion date for this process is [mention the date of the completion of the process]. We hope you will be patient while we complete this process.

We will positively notify you of the details and additional information, as well as the completion date, for this pending process. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions or information. We hope you will join us in this endeavor.

We wish you luck in this hiring process. Best wishes for your future prospects and upcoming projects.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration. 


[Name of the sender]

[Designation of the sender]

[Organization’s name]

Sample 2: Background Check Offer Letter Example 

Here’s an example of a background check offer letter. 

March 30, 2021

Raleizha Adams 

Mumbai 400 123

Dear Ms. Adams, 

We hope you’re doing well in the midst of this awful pandemic. We’re sending you this letter to keep you updated on the status of our background check. Please do not take this delay too seriously.

The reason for the delay is that we have yet to complete our background check process. We anticipate that this process will take a few days longer. Our anticipated completion date for this process will be on April 05, 2021.  We hope you will bear with us as we complete this process.

We will gladly inform you of the details and additional information, as well as the completion date, for this pending process. In the meantime, you are welcome to contact us at any time with any questions or information. We hope you will join us in this effort.

We wish you luck in this event. Best wishes for your future prospects and projects.

Thank you very much for your time and patience.

With regards, 

Amelia Fritz 

HR Recruiter 

Golden ABC Corporation

Key Takeaways

  • A background check offer letter is an important part of onboarding a new employee. It provides information about an employee’s background as well as details about their personality.
  • A background check is a method for determining the authenticity of information provided by a job applicant in their application. Before considering a candidate for a job position, it looks for any potential red flags.
  • Check that the company’s brand or image continues to appear in the background check form content and format.
  • Examine the background check in depth and correctly format the background check form.
  • Check that your background check forms are complete.
  • Formal letter writing is strongly advised when creating a background check form.

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