5. Changing Text Attributes


Changing text attributes

After downloading a template you'll need to customize it, to adapt it to your personal needs. Every layer can be modified but maybe the most common operation in the text customization. In this tutorial you'll learn about the text attributes and how to change them.

Open the index.psd file located in template/psd (Note: if the opened file has the slices visible just press Ctrl+H to hide them):

Display the text attributes panel ("Character"). Go to Window -> Character.

Below you have the "Character" panel. Here you'll find all the settings you need to change the text as you like it. As you can see this panel has 2 tabs one for Character and one for Paragraph. The Paragraph section is full of settings for blocks of text (align, justify, indent).

Select the Type tool. Now go and select the text that you what to edit.

Let's modify some of the settings as you can see in the image below. You can modify the settings like we did it or as you like it. After choosing the desired settings click the text layer from the Layers panel or click an outside area to stop editing the text.

Let's see the text layer before and after changing its attributes.

Below you have a short descriptions of this panel