3. Text Styles



With the layer styles you can apply a lot of interesting effects to text. In this tutorial we will show you how to apply two of the most common styles: Drop Shadow and Stroke.

Open the index.psd file located in template/psd.(Note: if the opened file has the slices visible just press Ctrl+H to hide them)

With the .psd file opened select the text layer that you want to add style to. Let's select the "our partners" layer.

As you can see we have already applied 2 effects to this layer: Drop Shadow & Stroke. The effects are now hidden but you can make them visible by clicking the empty square marked by the red circle above. So...make them visible and see the difference:

Now let's delete the effects & recreate them. to delete an applied effect right-click the effects icon (see the image below) and choose Clear Layer Style from the menu

The effects are now erased and you can start to add new ones.

With the "our partners" layer selected click on the "Add a layer style" icon and select "Blending Options..."
The "Blending Options..." window will be opened:

In the left area of this window you'll see all the styles that you can apply to a layer. In the right area you'll see all the settings related with the selected style.

Now click on Drop Shadow (Note: to select the Drop Shadow style and see all its settings click on the layer name area not just the checkbox). In the right area of the window you'll see all the Drop Shadow style settings.

Change distance to 1 or change the settings as you like. (Note: you have a preview area just below the right buttons)

Now click on the Stroke style and select the White color from "Color" and set the size to 2 or change the settings as you like.

Let's see the text before and after applying styles.
(Note: you'll be able to change the style every time you want by selecting Blending Options... as shown above or by double-clicking one of the areas shown below)