1. The Template's Folders Structure



Our example template has a folder structure a little bit different from the templates you can download from our website. That's because this template has two versions: HTML and Flash.

Let's see its folders structure to access more quickly the files we need in this tutorials.

"flash" folder

It contains the source files for the Flash movies:

  1. index.fla is the source for the main movie,
  2. home.fla is the source of the home.swf movie that is automatically loader in the main movie
  3. content.fla is the source for the rest of the content movie.

"fonts" folder

It contains the fonts used in the source files both Flash and Photoshop

To install the fonts copy them from this folder and go to your Windows Fonts folder in C:\Windows\Fonts and paste them there. If you already have one of these fonts installed you will be notified.

"html" folder

It contains the final html files for the HTML version of the template and for the Flash version of the template.

In "flash_version" folder you'll find the exported flash movies and the html file. The "images" folder contain the images used in the Flash movies, images that were exported from Photoshop

In "html_version" folder you'll find the index.html file for the html version together with the "images" folder that contains the images exported from ImageReady and the "css" folder that contain the styles.css file.

"psd" folder

It contains the index.psd Photoshop file of this template.

"tutorial_images" folder

It contains 2 images that we will use in our tutorials