4. Movieclip's Color Property



Using the color property you can define a level of transparency (alpha), add a tint color or change the color per channel (RGB). We generally use the color properties to add interesting color effects to symbols, especially symbols that contain images.

Open the file index.fla from template/flash.

Now go to the "mainhead" layer, unlock it if it is locked and then go to frame 28

As you can see the header image has an interesting yellow glowing effect. This effect is created using the Advanced Setting of the Color property:

Here you can modify the color channel by channel and you can obtain very interesting color effects.

The other options are:

- Alpha - set the transparency from 0 to 100%
- Tint - cover the symbol with a solid color and set its transparency level
- Brightness - add white or black to the symbol (0 to 100% white or black)
- None - no color effects

Let's set a 50% transparency level to this symbol in the selected keyframe. Select Alpha from the Color drop down menu and set the percent to 50.

As you can see the symbol is transparent now and we can see what is behind it.

Continue to modify the other color settings too to discover them.