3. Creating New Symbols



In Flash you work with symbols. A symbol is a container for your imported images, movies, sounds etc. Using symbols you save a lot of file size because when you place a symbol on the canvas you place an instance of that symbol. If you place a bitmap image on the canvas in 2 different locations the bitmap counts two times in the movie size. Using symbols you can add lots of instances without dramatically changing the size of the movie (the bitmap in that symbol will be taken into account only once in terms of file size).

So every time you insert a new element on the canvas that you will use in more than one keyframe transform it in a symbol. If draw something in Flash and want to create shape tweens you must not transform that element in a symbol because you will not be able to create a shape tween with that element.

First of all open the file index.fla from template/flash.

Let's import a new image to library, create a new layer, place the new imported image on the canvas and finally convert it to a movie clip.

First go on and import the image to library: File->Import->Import to library:

From the browse window go to template/tutorial_images and choose logo.png:

Click Open and the bitmap file is in your Library:

Now go to Timeline and select a keyframe or the entire "name" layer. Then add new layer clicking on the Insert layer icon:

The new layer will be placed above the current one. Go to frame 36 and create a new keyframe. You can do that from the main menu or by pressing F6 from the keyboard.

Now that you have a blank keyframe (with no content) go to the library and drag the logo.png file to the canvas and place it below the company name:

Now convert this bitmap to a symbol. Go to main menu and choose Modify->Convert to symbol or simply press F8.

The Convert to symbol window pops up and from here you can select which type of symbol to create and its name:

Name the new symbol "logo" and make it a movie clip.

Now on the canvas you have an instance of the "logo" symbol, symbol which contains the logo.png bitmap:

From this point you can create an animation adding keyframes and tweens.