12. Editing Mask Layers



In our templates we often use mask layers to help us create more interesting compositions. Let's see how we have used a mask layer in our template.

Open the file index.fla from template/flash.

Now go to Layer 15 in the Timeline. Layer 15 is a mask layer.

Unlock both the mask "Layer 15" and the masked "Layer 14" to see them.

As you can see we have a green draw (a symbol) that is masking a text. The Text has a fixed position and it is revealed in animation using the mask layer.

Let's delete the mask and redo it. To delete a mask place your mouse in the name area of the layer in Timeline and right-click. From the menu click on "Mask" (as you can see the Mask option is checked)

Un-checking the Mask option disables the mask. Now the layers are completely visible and independent:

To transform a layer in a mask layer you have to right-click on the layer's name in the Timeline and from the menu check the Mask option:

Now you have redone the mask and it is automatically blocked and the masked layer too. This enables you to view the animation as it is. You will see the masked layer only when the mask layer comes over it and reveal it.

That the way you can create masks. They are very useful and you probably use them often for image transitions, revealing or hiding elements etc.