Identity charts are graphical representations that may include family tree, company hierarchy, information about any literary figure, etc. Instead of using text to explain about the relationship between various family members, identity charts can explain them in a graphical format. This will be easy for the readers to understand.

If you are planning to write a biography or a company’s history, you should have access to identity chart templates. Here are some of the best identity chart templates which will help you in your work.

1.    Identity chart templates for individuals

If you are writing someone’s biography, using this type of identity chart template to showcase their education, appearance, social, and spiritual life attributes will make it interesting to the readers.

Example Template #1

Download Identity Chart Template #1 in JPG, PNG, PSD, and AI Format below:

2.    Identity Flowchart

Identity flowcharts are used to explain about a process. In this template, this map is meant to explain the process of how dengue fever spreads. Ideally, this is meant for the student population; however, it can be used by health workers in NGOs to spread awareness. These kinds of identity flowcharts can be a combination of Venn diagrams, T-charts, and other forms of graphical representation.

This identity flow chart template explains how dengue fever is a mosquito-borne disease. After the mosquito bite, the symptoms show up anytime between three to fourteen days. It talks about the types of symptoms after an infection like high fever, vomiting, giddiness, nausea, joint pains, etc.

Example Template #2

Download Identity Chart Template #2 in JPG, PNG, PSD, and AI Format below:

3.    Cycle spoke identity charts

You can talk about the attributes and characteristics of an individual with this format of identity chart too. It is designed like the spokes of a bicycle wheel. You may think about adding doodles and funny images along with each attribute to make the representation interesting.

Unlike the first identity chart template which we discussed in this article, this is not a formal one. Hence, fun elements can be added to it depending on the type of audience.

Example Template #3

Download Identity Chart Template #3 in JPG, PNG, PSD, and AI Format below:

4.    Racial status

This particular identity chart was designed to help Germans determine their racial status. The 1935 Nuremberg laws required Germans to do a social profiling about their origins.

Example Template #4

Download Identity Chart Template #4 in JPG, PNG, PSD, and AI Format below:

5.    Identity storyboards

If you are a cartoonist, you will be using these kinds of illustrative storyboards on a regular basis. However, the importance of storytelling is identified by various educators and many of them advise educators to use them.

You can use this type of identity chart template to explain the characteristics of one particular cartoon character. Once the character sketch is complete, you can start with the storyline. The character sketch will help the game developers in case your cartoon goes beyond a regular comic series and is transported into a TV series or movie.

Example Template #5

Download Identity Chart Template #5 in JPG, PNG, PSD, and AI Format below:

6.    Asymmetric identity chart

This type of identity chart does not follow any circular or rectangular or any kind of pattern. It appears that the creator wanted to include as many characteristic attributes of the individual on this sheet and he/she was successful in doing the same. These kinds of identity chart templates are normally used in an informal setup, like a hobby group introduction and they are drawn instantly on a whiteboard using a marker pen.

Example Template #6

Download Identity Chart Template #6 in JPG, PNG, PSD, and AI Format below:

7.    Oval identity chart

This type of identity chart template can help the creator to divide types of characteristic attributes along the circumference of the oval. Let’s say in the core section you can mention the name, the family, the current location, gender, and such important information. In the second field, you may choose to explain the likes of the person- music, baseball, Zumba, etc. In the third field, you may explain about character traits like bold, confident, high on integrity, etc.

Example Template #7

Download Identity Chart Template #7 in JPG, PNG, PSD, and AI Format below:

8.    Career movement chart

Identity charts can be used to explain about career interests and in representing the interests of an individual. These identity chart templates can be used by career counselors and help the student choose the right career path.

These charts can even help the human resources team in an organization and help them to design the career progression path for an existing employee. After an employee joins an organization, they can exhibit interests in areas other than the core field in which they acquired a degree. The organizations which fail to recognize these interests of employees often lose those employees to other organizations. Most employees who are looking for other career paths than the one with which they had joined the organization are hard-working individuals. They are ready to learn a new skill set and start from scratch in another field. Losing such a dedicated workforce to your competitor will completely be a loss to the organization.

Example Template #8

Download Identity Chart Template #8 in JPG, PNG, PSD, and AI Format below:

9.    Brand identity prism

If you are in the advertising field and your client is going to launch a new brand, you might need to take the help of a similar identity chart template. It will help you to explain about the brand and how you are going to position it in the market.

In 1986, J.Kapferer developed the concept of brand identity prism which will have six elements. The physique of the brand of the image will be something that is visible to the target audience. For example for coca-cola, the physique is the color red and the font in which coca-cola is written. It is identifiable from an arm’s length. In the same way, all the other five components- culture, personality, reflection, relationship, and self-image can be explained in this prism.

Example Template #9

Download Identity Chart Template #9 in JPG, PNG, PSD, and AI Format below:

10. Simplistic identity flow charts

It is always not necessary to fill up the identity chart with too much information and graphics. Sometimes even one or two attributes of a person can be displayed in an identity chart. The millennials and gen Z like to explain things using doodles and other creative art forms. So they can use such identity charts even in their PowerPoint presentations in their school projects.

Example Template #10

Download Identity Chart Template #1 0 in JPG, PNG, PSD, and AI Format below:

11. Identity bubble map

This kind of identity chart template can be used during a brainstorming session. When you are getting multiple ideas to solve a problem, do not get confused. If you need to present all those ideas in one slide to take it forward, you may choose to use this kind of template.

Example Template #11

Download Identity Chart Template #1 1 in JPG, PNG, PSD, and AI Format below:

12. Starburst identity chart

In this type of identity chart, the individual can identify the characteristics which they think they have with arrows pointing towards the circle. They can showcase another set of characteristics that they think the world perceives them as. Those will be shown by the arrows pointed in the opposite direction. This is not a very common identity chart template, however, it is a convenient way to plot two sets of thought processes in one diagram.

Example Template #12

Download Identity Chart Template #1 2 in JPG, PNG, PSD, and AI Format below:

13. Business organization chart template

This is a very important and widely used identity chart template. Every organization uses these identity charts to explain its organizational hierarchy. These identity chart templates are used by the entire organization as well as various departments and teams.

Applications like workday have made the job of the HR teams easy. The organization chart on the portal is dynamic. If someone quits the organization or moves to another role, the entire slide needs not to be changed. Since the mapping is dynamic in nature, the vacant space can be either occupied by the new joiner immediately or later. And if one employee has moved to another role, his/her profile will start reflecting in the organization chart of that team.

Example Template #13

Image Source

Download Identity Chart Template #1 3 in JPG, PNG, PSD, and AI Format below:

14. Explaining life stages

If someone is doing an assessment of self-identification, identity chart templates can prove to be very useful. In this kind of template, they can mention the year in the middle oval and talk about the character trait during that period.

For example- 1982- 1987, if an individual was in primary school, they can mention that. Along with it, they can mention things like- body type- chubby, school activities- participating in storytelling competitions, extempore speech, drawing competitions, etc. The same way other aspects of life like sports- interest in memory race and basketball can be explained.

The same exercise can be repeated for middle school and high school all through graduation, work-life in the early twenties, late twenties, etc. By comparing these identity charts, a person can have better insight into his/her life.

Example Template #14

Download Identity Chart Template #1 4 in JPG, PNG, PSD, and AI Format below:

15. Connected identity chart

This is quite similar to the identity charts which we discussed in the past. This kind of chart is a very casual way to represent someone’s character traits. Here for every main character, you can further bifurcate that attribute and explain. For example, in this illustration, we have identified that the person is ‘’only child.’’ Because of being an only child, the individual is independent and introverted.

So connections can be formed using these types of simple identity charts.

Example Template #15

Download Identity Chart Template #1 5 in JPG, PNG, PSD, and AI Format below:


Now since you know about the importance of identity chart templates, you should start using them. These templates are not only useful for authors; they are useful for anyone preparing a presentation about a company since its inception. Identity chart templates are used in corporate presentations, sales pitches, advertising and media houses, and many other places. 

Identity charts are more useful in personal life profiling. Organizations like the FBI and CIA make use of them while preparing a civilian asset. They use the same when they are documenting the details of any wanted terrorist or fraudster. Hence, identity chart templates are quite useful for them and many others working in similar fields.